We would welcome questions or comments, preferably in advance, that can be put live to our Q&A session panel, Julia Wilson, BSS President, Steve Gater, BSBI Trustee, Lindsay MacKinlay, BSBI Scottish Chair, Ian Strachan, BSBI ex Scottish Chair and Recorder for Westerness. Jim McIntosh, BSBI Scottish Officer will chair the Q&A session on Sunday at 12.00 – 12.30.

Please send your comment or question on any topic of interest to botanists in Scotland – so it could be about, for example, the societies, BSBI & BSS, or RBGE, or about any of the issues raised by speakers over the weekend or indeed about the Scottish Botanists’ Conference itself. We can’t promise to be able to answer every question on the day, so we might have to get back to you!

It will also be possible to submit a question at any time during the conference. Please begin them “Q&A question:” or “Q&A comment:”