Upland tree regeneration monitoring at Corrour Estate

This poster outlines upland tree regeneration monitoring which was initiated at Corrour Estate in summer 2020. It aims to understand the impacts of reduced red deer densities on different tree species across a range of habitats. Records of growth, browsing and vascular plant species richness were included. Tree distribution was linked to habitat type, altitude and proximity to existing seed sources. The work will be repeated every 4 years and also contributes to the PhD project “Improving outcomes in montane woodland restoration” at the University of Stirling.

My best botanical day out

Ben Lawers is Britain’s primary site for rare arctic-alpine flora, and I have been fortunate to work here since 2010, initially as a volunteer, and then as an NTS ecologist. Spring and summer 2020 were unusual because I only climbed the mountain once this year. However it ended up being an absolutely stunning botanical day out. The experience brought me so much joy that I knew I had to share it. There are also vital contributions from aspiring young botanists Georgia (aged 6) and Felix (aged 4)! If you enjoyed reading, then please give me a follow on twitter @Watts_SH